How to Prepare Your Dog to Cope With Holiday Stress?

How to Prepare Your Dog to Cope With Holiday Stress?

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Itโ€™s almost the end of the year and the holidays arenโ€™t too far away. The holidays can be an exciting time for everybody. Youโ€™re going to spend all your time with family and friends, attending and hosting parties or get-togethers. Though this is going to be a great time for you, it may not necessarily be so for your dog. All the chaos, noise, and excitement can make your dog feel restless and even irritated.Thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve come up with this article to help you prepare your dog for some holiday stress. Here are our suggestions.

Dealing with visitors

If you happen to be the host, you will need to make some preparations before your dog meets your guests. It is natural for pet owners to consider the dog as a family member and thatโ€™s perfectly okay. However, your pet may not be used to seeing large groups of people. This can cause him/her to get excited and lead to issues such as barking and even biting. At the end of it, youโ€™re the one who has to deal with the embarrassing situation. The last thing you want is a group of frightened guests during the holidays.So, before the guests arrive, take some time to re-train your dog, especially with regard to obedience. For the training to be more effective, you can try getting small groups of friends or family to visit your house and see how your dog handles it. Make sure your friends and family members are the pet loving kind, as that can make things easier for you and the pet.If it so happens that your dog isnโ€™t getting used to the whole crowd thing, you will need to create a safe space for him/her. Make the space friendly using his/her favorite toys, a rug or treats. Also, keep the safe space closed off to prevent guests from wandering in or your dog from wandering out.

Dealing with children

Youโ€™re obviously going to have children coming over during the holidays and if your dog isnโ€™t used to children he/she may end up feeling uncomfortable. Children can raise the energy levels in a house and that can be stressful for your dog. So, make sure you never leave kids unsupervised, especially when they are alone with the dog. Most dog bites occur when kids and dogs are left alone. If there are guests with toddlers or very young children, please request them politely to supervise their children.Also, request parents and children to avoid feeding the dog by hand.


As mentioned earlier, the holidays can make dogs anxious and excited. One way to calm them down is by giving them enough exercise. A long walk before the get-together or party should help him/her spend all that excess energy. He/she is most likely to seek some rest instead of bothering or paying attention to the guests.

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