How To Make Your Kitten Social?

How To Make Your Kitten Social?

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The history of cats is as old as that of us human beings. Cats have in the past and till date play an important role in different cultures. While the ancient Egyptians associated them with different Gods, Russians, for centuries, have believed that owing a cat or letting a feline enter a new house before its human occupants move in brings good luck. There is something enigmatic about cats that has always attracted humans. Many people believe that no two cats are the same. While some cats behave like lap dogs socializing with people around them, others may be reclusive, preferring to live in their own world. From little or no contact with humans during the first seven months after their birth to past physical or emotional traumas, there can be many reasons behind a catโ€™s reluctance to come out of its shell. So what to do if your pet kitten does not reciprocate the love you show to it? We have the answer. Read on to find out some ways to transform your favorite feline from a shy animal to a social creature.

  1. Spread your scent to places where your cat hangs out: Cats have a heightened sense of smell. They associate smells with different states of mind or feeling. To win over your cat, spread your smell over your purry friendโ€™s bedding by rubbing a body part against it. If your cat likes to hang out at a particular furniture piece, spray hormone diffusers over it to calm the feline.
  2. Use food for positive reinforcement: Food is a major incentive for most cats. To bond with your cat, throw treats from a distance towards the feline. Keep on placing the treats closer to you till your cat reaches your hand. Position your hand near your lap in a way that your cat has to place its paw on your lap to get the treat. The purpose of the exercise is to help your cat associate lap cuddles with a positive experience.
  3. Learn to effectively communicate with your cat: Talk to your cat in a soft and reassuring tone. Call it by its name. When talking to your cat, look directly into the felineโ€™s eye and blink slowly to communicate affection.
  4. Thwart your catโ€™s plans to hide: Shy cats seek refuge in isolated places such as under the bed or corners of a dark room. To encourage your cat to come out in the open, block all hiding places. Avoid feeding it when its hiding as it will encourage the reclusive behavior.
    Cats have so much love to give. Spunky cats liven up their homes with their antics, making everyone fall in love with them. If your cat is not a cuddle bug, donโ€™t freak out! Just follow these tips and you will be amazed at the results. Most importantly, be patient and give your purry friend time to come out of its shell.

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