How to make your dog sit silently


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Your dog is an ideal pet and a wonderful companion. The problem is that it barks incessantly. A dog can bark for many reasons. This behavior is annoying, and in some places, a barking dog will not be tolerated. To make your dog silent, you must know what makes it bark in the first place. Once you know the cause, you can take the necessary action to make it stop. Knowing how to silence your dog will make sure that the community you live in is a quiet one. Remember, incessant barking of your dog may bring the police to your home.

Barking is attention-seeking

Your dog may bark if it wants something. In its mind, it is an attention-seeking tactic. If your dog barks, do not give it anything. It will take some time to make the dog understand this. From your side, remember that barking for food and barking to use the bathroom is different. You should pay attention to as to how your dog barks. Always heed a compulsory call but ignore the bark which the animal makes when it wants to sit beside you on the sofa. Do not surrender to non-essential barking, how much it barks.

Your dog knows that barking is the only way it can get your attention. Breaking that habit takes time. One relaxed moment and the bad habits will come rushing back. To the dog, even you shouting at it means mission accomplished. Do not lose patience by the constant barking and shout at your dog. If you do so, it will bark much more the next time. Do not shout at your dog or pet it. Do not respond in any way. Try not to look at it. The best approach is to distract yourself until the canine calms down or tires out.

Reward good behavior

Conversely, do not forget to reward good behavior. When the dog does cease to bark, it is vital that you reward it and praise it for being silent. The canine will soon learn that it is better to stay obedient and silent and not to bark to get what it wants. Always keep treats nearby so that you can give them to the dog when it stops barking. Rewards should be given as quickly as possible. Give her vocal praise when she stops barking. As your dog comprehends that silence begets treats and barking does not, you must increase the time period the dog should be quiet prior to getting a treat. To obtain the best results, vary the time amount the dog should remain quiet after getting a treat. That way, it would not expect any treatment after a particular time duration. The anticipation will keep the dog in quiet suspense.

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