How to Make a Puppy Happy?


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Nothing can give you more pleasure than to see your puppy happy. A contented puppy means a healthy and happy animal. You can easily make your dog happy if you follow a few simple procedures. The first is to plan its playtime. Why not go on regular dates with your puppy? This has the added benefit of socializing the dog. Race the animal to the park. Read your favorite book to your best friend. The canine will be extremely happy to get your undivided attention.

Road trips and splashing in the water

A road trip is also an excellent way to bond with your dog. Allow it to ride in the front seat when you two visit the post office or the ice-cream store. Roll the window glass down so that the dog enjoys a little breeze. Do not forget to buy a dog harness to keep it safe and secure while you drive. Visit the sea beach and splash among the waves. Every dog breed loves water. If there is no sea within driving distance, a lake or even a pond will do. Do not forget to give your dog a good bath after all the jumping around in public and possibly smelly water. Buy a dog-specific shampoo and give it a nice bubble bath.

A little time with your dog does not mean you have to sacrifice your enjoyment. You can beat the summer heat by taking the canine for a run during the early morning hours and also do enjoy the sunrise you have missed from a long time ago. Even if you cannot wake up in the morning, walking with your dog is an excellent way to spend the time. Walk to the grocery store or the supermarket a little further away. Walk with your puppy to fetch your kids from school.

Dancing with the puppy

Believe it or not, puppies love to dance. No matter how bad a dancer you are, the dog will love your moves. Do not forget to take the dog's picture. Your cute puppy will soon become a big dog. Record these beautiful moments as much as you can. Your puppy can make new friends if you take it to the local breed club. Study the animal's body language so that you understand what it is trying to convey. Do allow it to sniff everything. Make a few minutes out from your busy schedule so that the puppy can enjoy life to the full. Do tag it so that you can have it back quickly if you two get separated from each other. Do not forget to spay or neuter your dog as canines who went through that operation live longer and healthier lives.

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