How to Keep Your Dog Physically and Mentally Stimulated


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In order for dogs to be well-adjusted pets, they need to be both, physically and mentally stimulated as often as possible. Dogs are programmed to keep themselves busy and it is the ownerโ€™s duty to provide them with ways to do so. Itโ€™s not just the big hunter/guard dogs that need to be kept physically and mentally active. Even the smaller breeds need their fair share of activity. For example, terriers are small dogs, but, they are filled to the brim with energy, which needs to be spent in a healthy manner.So, if youโ€™re wondering what to do, here are a few tips to help you out.

Physical exercise

Thereโ€™ no exact answer to how much physical exercise a dog might need. However, the general idea is to give enough exercise to make him/her tired. The exercise sessions can be divided between mornings and evenings. If you have enough area, then putting up a fence would be a good idea. You can use the space to let your furry friend run around a bit. If you live in the city or in an apartment, try looking out for a nearby dog park.If none of the above is possible, then put your dog on a leash and take him/her for a walk.Other useful physical exercises include playing fetch, swimming, or running. If your dog is stuck indoors, a treadmill might come in handy. However, do make sure that your dog isnโ€™t overexerting. Make sure he/she has enough rest after a workout session and always make sure to have a bowl of water nearby.Another key thing to note about physical activities for dogs is that itโ€™s different for pups and adult dogs. For a pup, you will need to introduce less strenuous exercises. For example, a game of fetch inside the house should be a good start. You can also fix play dates with other pups in the area, which will be good exercise and also, a great way to get your pup to socialize.

Mental exercise

The idea of mental exercises for your dog might sound strange, but, your dog definitely needs it. So, what can you do to make your dog sharper? Well, you can start off with obedience training. When you command your dog to sit or stay and when you appreciate or correct him/her, it actually stimulates her/his brain. It allows your dog to think about what needs to be done and we all know thinking is a great way to get the brain going. In fact, dogs think harder because they want to get things right. They want to receive the praise, attention, and even, treats that theyโ€™re likely to get if they follow the command properly.You can also introduce them to puzzle like games. For instance, you hide a treat or a favorite toy and get your dog to search for it. This will improve your dogโ€™s thinking skills and even his/her sense of tracking.

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