How To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy While Living In An Apartment


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Living in an apartment can be frustrating for your four-legged friend. Regardless of the size of the dog, it can become difficult for them to adjust to the limited space in an apartment. You canโ€™t just let your dog loose in the apartment as there are other people living in the same area. The lack of freedom can be unnerving for dogs. So how do you keep your dog healthy and happy while you live in an apartment? Here are 5 simple tips that you can use to make your dog happy with the environment they are in.

  1. Exercise frequentlyThe space in an apartment is limited. Your dog wonโ€™t have enough room to run around. This will result in your dog getting frustrated, which might lead to the destruction of your personal belongings if they decide to lash out. Take your dog out at least 2 times in a day and they should have high-intensity exercises at least once a week. Find a ground or dog park or lake nearby where you can play with your dog.
  2. Give them their personal spaceJust like how you like to unwind and relax after a long and tiring day, your dog will also crave for the same thing. Find a spot that your dog likes and place their bed, food, water, and toys in that area. It will give them a place to go back to where they can rest while they take a break from their regular activity.
  3. Establish a routineDogs thrive on routines. By establishing a schedule, they will know what to expect at what time of the day. Also, they will be excited and happy about the fact that during those times, they get to do their favorite activities such as going for a walk or playing games or even eating food.
  4. Desensitize and socializeAn apartment has a lot of people in it and the surrounding environment will be busy. Even though you might be comfortable living with everything going on around you, your dog may not feel the same. Itโ€™s best to slowly introduce them to the new environment in a calm and safe manner so that they are comfortable.
  5. Bring the outside world insideDogs love having plants around them. You can make your dog feel happy in your apartment if you keep plants in your house. It livens up your house and at the same time, your dog will be more than happy to interact with them. However, find out about plants that are considered safe for dogs.

Keeping a dog requires a lot of commitment and responsibility. With these 5 easy tips, your dog will be okay with the limited space and will live a happy life thereafter.

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