How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer?

How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer?

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As summer is finally here, you and your four-legged friend can finally have loads of fun outside. However, when the temperature begins to soar through the roof, you should take appropriate steps to keep your canine cool during summer. Whether you take your canine for a joy ride in the car or to the nearby dog park to play, the summer heat will make life difficult for it. Luckily, with these five simple tips, you will be able to keep your canine cool this summer:

  1. Place water bowls all around the houseYou should keep water bowls all around your house, including outdoors now that summer is here. This step is very important because canines will consume large quantities of water during summer to keep themselves cool. Also, check the water bowls on a regular basis to see they have adequate levels of water.
  2. Invest in a kiddie poolYour canine can easily beat the summer heat if you have a kiddie pool filled with water. If you donโ€™t have one lying around, you should invest in a kiddie pool. Look for durable kiddie pools as they have to withstand your canineโ€™s paws. Fill it up with water and leave it outside your house so that your canine can cool off if the temperature begins to soar.
  3. Ensure your house is coolAs you canโ€™t take your canine every where you go, because of the heat, you have to leave your canine at home. If you have to leave your canine alone, you should turn on the air conditioning before heading out. If you donโ€™t have air conditioning, turn on the fan and open the windows to circulate the hot air out of the house. You can also invest in a cooling mat or vest to help your canine beat the heat.
  4. Offer plenty of shadeThe summer heat can be harsh on your canine if there isnโ€™t any shade or protection from sunlight. If your canine lives in a kennel, ensure there is plenty of shade. You can also purchase sun shades or place canopies outside so that your canine can take rest under them.
  5. Go for walks early in the morning or at nightSince you have to take your canine out for its daily walks, you can either go for one early in the morning or at night because the air is cool. Avoid taking your canine out during the middle of the afternoon or to places that donโ€™t offer much shade. Also, check the temperature of the pavement by placing your palm on the floor. If it burns your palm, it is too hot for your canine to step out.

Follow these five simple tips to keep your canine cool this summer. If you have any queries, please leave a comment below.

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