How To Keep Pets Cool Without Raising Your Energy Bills


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The fun you have in winter is a totally different kind of fun from the fun that you have during the summer. Winter days are filled with that lazy kind of fun where you just hang around by the living room with your dog and play mind games. During the summer though, there is no excuse for you to not go out. Youโ€™ll have to take him on walks, make sure his water is always filled, and keep him cool.Dogs have a lot of fur โ€“ most pets do. And if this is the case, chances are that they get way more heated during the summer months than we do. Imagine how brutal it must be for them when we suffer through the same thing without an additional coat of fur on our skins. Turning up the air conditioning is not only expensive, but it is also impractical. So what can you do to make your pets more comfortable during the coming brutal summer months?

  1. Provide lots of cool spaces.Although keeping a cat cool is different from doing the same for a dog, all pets crave that spot where they can go just to chill for a while. So provide them with cold tiles, shade, or even digging holes in the soil. You could also try providing your pets with cooling mats that you can just put in the freezer to cool. These are like a blessing to your pets on those especially hot days.
  2. Give them cold treats.There are many doggy and kitty ice creams that you could try to keep your pooch cool a on a sunny day. If the store bough doggy ice creams are too expensive, there are many DIY options that you could try. You could also try feeding them cold treats like a slab of cold meat.
  3. Keep them hydrated.Water does miracles for the body โ€“ no matter whose. IT sure cools us down when weโ€™re overheated, it does the same for our pets as well. Theyโ€™re usually very thirsty during this season because their body uses up a lot of water. So make sure that their water bowls are always full and clean. Some cats tend to avoid dirty food bowls and water dishes.
  4. Keep them inside.When it gets unbearably hot, it is wiser to keep your beloved pets inside. Especially if they have a dark colored coat. That tends to get more heated than lighter colored coats. Try to do minimal indoor exercises inside the house rather than engaging exercises out in the sun.

If your pet gets overheated, he might be at risk of developing a heatstroke and thatโ€™s pretty bad to go through.

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