How to Help Your Cat Cope With the Loss of a Feline Friend

How to Help Your Cat Cope With the Loss of a Feline Friend

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Statistics show that nearly 65 percent of cats who lost a companion show some or the other change in their behavioral traits. The behavioral changes are different in each cat. Some may eat lesser, others may sleep for more hours. Other cats may not show any changes in their lifestyle patterns, but show changes in how they vocalize, by either being less or more vocal than earlier, groom more often, and even sulk. It is not uncommon for cats to misbehave or become more affectionate after losing a feline friend. If your cat has lost a feline friend recently, here are some things that you can do to help them cope with the loss.

Showing your cat the deceased's body

Pet owners have debated whether or not it's a good idea to let your cat see the body of the deceased feline, and it's a call that you want to take. There are no hard facts that confirm that a cat registers that his/her feline friend is no longer alive, when he/she sees the deceased body. In fact, some researchers say that cats register death similar to a toddler- they think it is a temporary occurrence, and do not understand what it means in terms of consequences in the long run. However, there have been pet owners who have reported that their cat stopped looking for their feline companion after being showed the deceased body.

Observe your cat

You want to closely observe your cat when he/she is going through the grieving phase. Is he/she comfortable or keen on spending time in places or with objects that his feline friend used to use/love? Then you probably want to leave him/her as is, and the objects too. You do not want to put the deceased cat's


or bed for a wash right away. Just let it sit there, so your cat finds comfort in the scent of his companion, until it fades away and he/she makes peace with the situation. If your cat is showing a repulsion toward any favorite spot or toy that belonged to his friend, then it is best to move things around, and clear out the space.

Routine and activities

You want to maintain the same routine as before, to bring some consistency into your cat's life. You want to make sure that he/she continues doing what he/she has always enjoyed to do- whether it is climbing up cat trees or playing treasure hunts. You want to keep your cat engaged, so it is easier for him/her to get over the departure of his/her feline friend, than drown in sorrow. We understand that this not easy on you either, but you want to gradually try and get over the loss.

Cats are also very perceptive of how their owners feel

, and it may take longer for them to get over the grieving process if they notice that you're feeling low.

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