How to have a merry Christmas with pets

How to have a merry Christmas with pets

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Christmas is that wonderful time of the year when friends and family gather around and share meals over hearty conversation. Despite the all-pervading Christmas cheer, Christmas can be stressful too what with all the additional duties and responsibilities that one takes on. If you have a pet at your home, this is yet another being to look after. A little planning and preparation can go a long way. You want to make your festivities as merry for your pet, as it is for you. Here are a few steps that will help you have a merry Christmas with your pets right beside you โ€“

  • Get them a collection of Christmas treats โ€“ When you get them their own Christmas treat, theyโ€™ll no longer be interested in stealing scraps off your plate. Infact, a lot of human food can be toxic to cats and dogs. Make sure your pet doesnโ€™t munch on something that could harm their digestive system.
  • Put the decorations out of reach โ€“ You donโ€™t want your pet chewing up the fresh bunch of flowers you just arranged or gobbling down the fairy lights you took so much pain to hang over the porch. If you donโ€™t want your pets to involve themselves in such accidents, simply ensure that the decorations are out of reach from them.
  • Spend time playing with them โ€“ Take some time out to indulge in playtime with your furbaby. You donโ€™t want your darling pet to feel lonesome and unhappy, do you? Youโ€™ll get all the time to spend with your relatives and acquaintances. A couple minutes now and then with your pet wonโ€™t hurt.
  • Create a safe space for them โ€“ Itโ€™s not just humans, pets feel anxious too. If there are a lot of unknown houseguests over suddenly, your pet will need to retreat for a little while and calm himself/herself down if they are feeling overwhelmed. Place their favorite toys and blankets in a quiet room away from the crowd for them to escape to when things get too much.
  • Exercise them โ€“ When you exercise your pet, you are not only keeping them content but also tiring them out. So they will be satisfied and less energetic to stir up trouble around the house. You can continue with the Christmas celebrations comfortably without having a bored/disgruntled pet giving you a hard time.
  • Donโ€™t leave them alone โ€“ Christmas means a lot of housecalls. Some households may be more pet-friendly than others. Whatever be the case, try not to leave your pet alone and unattended back home for a long time if you were unable to bring them with you.

The abovementioned steps should help you make the most of Christmas with your four-legged friends.

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