How to Groom Your Persian Cat?


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Persian cats are coveted due to their big eyes and doll-like faces. Owning a Persian comes with its own set of responsibilities. These could range from standard health issues to coat care. Many factors must be considered if you adopt a Persian cat.


The coat of the Persian cat must be properly groomed. Start to brush the cat's fur from the time it is young. The cat must get used to such an experience. In case you do not brush it from its kitten stage, the cat may develop a strong dislike of being brushed. You will have a much tougher time when it comes to maintaining the cat's coat. A good idea to make the cat think brushing is an acceptable option is to brush it just before lunch. The feline will make a positive link between brushing and food. Do but a quality comb to brush the Persian cat's gorgeous fur. The ideal comb should be made of metal and contain narrow teeth. The latter should be on one end, and the teeth must be widely spaced at the other to detangle the long fur of the Persian cat. A brush like a metal slicker is also excellent for removing any tangled excess fur.


Brushing must be done properly. A fairly common mistake is to brush superficially, like brushing the top and not going down to the roots. Brush the Persian's hair like you would comb your own hair. It is important to part fur and combs the roots so that the hairs are free of tangles all the way from their bases to their tops. Brush the cat in the same direction as the growth of hair. This will not only be more effective but makes your kitty happy too. The proper process is to part the cat's hair and use the broad spaced teeth comb side to brush away all loose knots if present. This particular step assists the fur to lie in a single direction, thus making the detangling process much easier. Take the slicker brush and begin work in sections. Progress from the head to the tail. This will brush out any loose hairs. Once the coat is completely clear of all shed fur, do it all over again and use the wide-toothed comb in such an instance. Finish the process by combing the full body of the cat with the comb's narrow toothed part. It is important that you brush the fur of your cat every day to keep it healthy. Not doing so will make it a big problem. A Persian cat has luxuriously long fur which can quickly become tangled. If it does so, it may also be matted later.

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