How to Get Rid of Ticks in Your Home


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So, your pet has carried home ticks, and now your entire house in infested with ticks, is it? How do you deal with a tick infestation in your home? We share some tips and advice below โ€“

  • De-clutter โ€“ Indeed. If you suspect that your pet has brought ticks inside the house, the first thing to do is de-clutter. Ticks could be hiding anywhere. Donโ€™t leave things lying on the floor. Donโ€™t keep laundry piling up. All of this behavior is little less than a welcome note to the ticks.
  • Wash infected clothes โ€“ If you suspect that some of your clothes may have ticks hiding in them, wash them in warm water immediately. Don't put them in the laundry basket with the rest of your clothes. Doing so will only spread the tick infestation.
  • Clean your house extensively โ€“ The next best thing you can do to remove ticks is to clean your house thoroughly. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can put it to good use now. The vacuum cleaner will suck up all the ticks โ€” dust every corner and mop all possible surface areas. You don't want to leave any crevice behind.
  • Use pesticide โ€“ In order to prevent any further tick infestation, you will need to spray your home with pesticides. Your goal should be to kill any and all tick eggs and larvae lurking around your house. Simply cleaning and de-cluttering your house is not enough, spray the insides of your house with boric acid, and your house should be tick-free.
  • Dial an exterminator โ€“ You may need to contact a professional exterminator if you think the situation at your house is beyond your control. Professional exterminators will have the knowledge and tools handy to kill ticks around your house effectively.
  • Remove any ticks on your pet โ€“ Check for any remaining ticks on your pet. You need to physically remove any ticks from your pet's body first and then apply a tick-prevention lotion or gel. There are also tick-prevention collars available in the market, which prevents ticks from latching onto your pet's body for as many as three months.

If youโ€™ve noticed ticks making themselves comfortable at your home, it is time to drive them out. You donโ€™t want your pet to contract any severe illness. Ticks can even cause you disease. Get your pet checked out by a vet first and then get to remove this menace from your home. You can call an exterminator if you think there's a severe tick infestation in your house. If not, you can clean and de-clutter your house thoroughly and vacuum away any tick or tick larvae. After you've cleaned your house, you can use pesticides to prevent any further pest infestations at home.

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