How to Create the Right Space for Your Burmese Cat?


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Burmese cats are active and energetic. Their enthusiasm and need for attention can be a little demanding on their human caregivers at first, but with age, these cats quieten down and become more laidback. Medium-sized, with a short, dense coat โ€“ these cats prefer to be carried around by their humans on their shoulders or arms.

If youโ€™re planning to bring home a Burmese cat, you donโ€™t have to worry too much about grooming it. They donโ€™t require bathing or combing and can be satisfactorily looked after with an occasional brush of the coat.

Aspects to look into when caring for a Burmese cat

  • Health โ€“ Burmese cats can be vulnerable to diabetes mellitus. Young members of the breed often suffer from a potassium deficiency in its blood which leads to weakening of muscles. Burmese cat inhabitants of America tend to develop feline orofacial pain syndrome. Sometimes, this cat breed could also be prone to consuming inedibles. Itโ€™s important to keep a tab on the health of your Burmese cat and take it for a vet visit to rule out and prevent the development of any of the above health complaints. Additionally, have all the necessary vaccines administered and your cat dewormed in the initial weeks after bringing your breed cat home.
  • Diet โ€“ Burmese cats, are stocky, muscular, and athletic. They need high-quality cat food to maintain their body and agility. Proper nutrition also reflects on the shine of their coat. Burmese cats can be a picky eater. Alternate dry cat food with tinned supplements for this breed and it should eat just fine. If your Burmese cat is still young, allow it to eat to its heart's content. However, an adult Burmese cat's meals should be portion-controlled, or it can become overweight.
  • Exercise โ€“ Burmese cats need a right amount of physical activity in their youth, to keep their muscles toned. Try to play and exercise your Burmese cat daily. It will keep it happy and healthy. Purchase a laser light or feather toys for it to chase around the house. You could also invest in a cat scratching post, to keep your cat's toes and feet supple and sharp.

Companionship โ€“ Burmese cats, seek out human company and revel in it. Don't stay away from your Burmese breed cat for very long, as it may become withdrawn. If you subject this cat breed to long periods of your absence, they may lose their affectionate nature. It is recommended that full-time officegoers and people on busy schedules adopt a pair of Burmese cats instead of a single one. Doing so will ensure that your Burmese cat stays entertained and doesn't turn aloof without your company.

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