How to Clean Your Dog's Teeth Without Hurting It?

How to Clean Your Dog's Teeth Without Hurting It?

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Since dentures for your dogs are something out of the box, you need to ensure that your puppy's gums are healthy and teeth clean. Main rating oral care of your dogs is important for its well-being and overall health. It is quite obvious that the best technique to clean a dog's teeth is when a vet scrapes them well while he is under the influence of anesthesia. However it is a costly process and there are certain risks involved when your dog is given anesthesia hence it is better to make sure that you take all the necessary care to clean the teeth of your dog.The basic oral care is to brush his teeth daily with special dog safe toothpaste. But there are many dogs who hate the sight of a tooth brush and run away to escape it. However, fortunately for you, there are certain alternatives that a dog may actually start enjoying. Here are some of those tips and tricks for cleaning a dog's teeth, which they won't run away from.

Use tooth wipes

In case your dog does not resist when you put your fingers in his mouth and yet gets scared of a tooth brush, using tooth wipes can be an apt solution. These teeth wipes enable you to remove bad breath bacteria, tartar and plaque from the mouth of your dog.

Make them chew toys

The market is full of toys specially designed for your pup or dog to chew. When a dog chews toys that are of different kinds, their difference in texture can help in removing the plaque from a dog's teeth since they enjoy and relax completely, chewing being their primal instinct. Make sure your dog does not remain unattended while playing with his chew toys so that he does not swallow any big pieces accidentally.

Natural and healthy diet

There are various dog food brands who try to convince people that wet food is not superior than dry kibble as far as teeth of your dog is concerned. However, if you depend on kibble for keeping his teeth cleaned, it is as detrimental for a dog's teeth as crackers are.Instead, opt for healthy and natural ingredients that are useful for improving the overall health of your dog, including their oral health.

Use dental sprays

In case your dog is obedient enough to allow you picking up his lips on both side f the mouth, you can try out a dental spray for his dental care. There are a host of dental sprays available in the market that are helpful in prevention and reduction of tartar build-up and dental plaque and control bacteria, which causes bad breath. However, you can achieve success if it is possible to directly spray the product on the most-affected teeth of your dog. Sprays can also give a minty-fresh breath to your dog.

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