How to Choose an Experienced and Reputable Dog Breeder?

How to Choose an Experienced and Reputable Dog Breeder?

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If you want a dog, you should think about adopting a pup from a rescue group or a shelter before you buy one. But if you are adamant about getting a purebred pup, you need to make sure that the breeder knows what he/she is doing. Unlike some unscrupulous breeders, the good ones breed healthy dogs with a good temperament.

Signs of an experienced breeder

Here is a handy checklist of the things you need to look for in a good breeder:

  • The dog lives inside โ€“ If you want a family dog, you need to make sure that he is being raised inside the house with the rest of the family, and not in the basement, backyard or garage.
  • The puppy or the dog is relaxed โ€“ If the puppies and parent dogs are comfortable around human beings, it is a sign that they have been properly looked after and are well socialized.
  • The place must be clean โ€“ You do not have to inspect the breederโ€™s sink to see if he has any dirty dishes. Just make sure that the living area is sanitary and safe. The dog must be supplied with beds, freshwater, and toys. Also, check to see if the living quarters of the puppies have a separate toilet area. If it has, then you have a good head start with the house training.
  • The breeder regularly participates in competitions or dog shows โ€“ Reputable breeders are enthusiastic about the breed and donโ€™t just think about the amount of money they make.
  • The breeder asks you to sign a neuter/spay contract โ€“ If you are planning to buy a dog that isnโ€™t going to be bred, the breeder will ask you to sign a contract that says you should neuter or spay your pup to avoid pet overpopulation.
  • The breeder does not specialize in colors or sizes that are unusual for the given breed โ€“ One thing you need to keep in mind is that extremely big dogs and extremely small dogs tend to suffer from a lot of health problems. If the breeder is trying to breed for extreme sizes or rare colors, then it is a sign that he is interested in the sales gimmick more than producing a great puppy.
  • The breeder asks a lot of questions โ€“ Which is a clear indication that he/she cares about the kind of home the puppy is going to go to. They might ask you about your history with dogs, the number of people who are going to stay at home during the day, and why you are interested in that particular breed. Do not get defensive. It is a sign that they are doing their job right.

While being aware is the first step towards making sure of the task of identification of good breeder, creating the awareness in the community is equally important to aid in the better wellbeing of the pet population. Hover over to the next section to know more.

Facebook Post Saves 40+ Puppies from Negligent Dog Breeder

For most pet owners, social media is a great way to share adorable pictures of puppies or link up with other dog owners in the area. But one post from a couple in Washington state led police to get involved and rescue nearly 40 dogs from the "filthy" conditions of a local dog breeder, according to news station KING 5 in Washington.

Pekingese Rescued from Horrible Dog Breeders

Animal control officers from three different counties seized about 40 dogs after one of the dog breeders posted on Facebook how she and her husband were sick and unable to care for the dogs, the news station reported. The couple, who are both in their 60s, were Pekingese dog breeders. Fellow breeders and concerned animal lovers noted the Facebook posts, which discussed being surrounded by dog feces, and expressed concern and offered help but saw no response on social media. One of these Facebook followers went to the couple's Belfair, Washington, home and knocked on the door to no answer. That's when this concerned citizen called the police and Mason County officers came. KING 5 reported that both homeowners were in need of medical care when the police arrived, as were the dogs who were living in squalid conditions. The home was dirty with urine and feces, the news station explained. While these homeowners were unhealthy and needed help in caring for their many dogs, the police and neighbors say that they should have handled it differently."It's cruel, really cruel, to those animals. They could have let them go ... they could have given 'em away but no, they kept them all," neighbor Joe Johnson told KING 5. The dogs as well as birds found in the home are being placed in a shelter and unavailable for adoption while the police complete an investigation.

Why Dog Waste Can Be Dangerous 

Did you know that not only is it gross for your dog to defecate wherever they want, but it can actually be dangerous to your health and the environment? According to the Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare, dog waste can pollute water and carry a number of pesky parasites, including campylobacteriosis, threadworms, hookworms, and tapeworms- all of which can be passed to humans. Dog feces also have an array of bacteria. In neglect cases, dogs can not only pass these parasites on to humans, but also to other dogs. Ensure that you always pick up your dog's waste and keep your home clean. Some people may need help or reminders like the Washington breeders.

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