How to care for your dog during the monsoon

How to care for your dog during the monsoon

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Monsoons can be a very testing time. The rainy season brings down the temperatures, which is desirable, of course. But along with it comes the dampness that could be problematic for your furry friend. Letting your dog remain wet for too long can result in long term health problems.

The damp season usually brings along with it health issues like skin infections, pests, itchiness, indigestion, and water-borne diseases. To keep your dogs clean and safe during this spell of monsoon, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Keep them dry

Most of the problems associated with the monsoons come from the dampness it induces. If your spirited pet spends too much time outside and keeps getting wet every time, it might develop numerous skin diseases like fungal infections and rashes. Pat dry itโ€™s coat after getting wet in the drizzle. To be a little safer, get your dog some proper rain gear. There are raincoats for dogs too as well as waterproof dog shoes. Make sure your dog is covered up with these before going for a walk or to play outside.

Use anti-fungal powder on coat and paws

The dampness may get trapped in your dogโ€™s fur if not dried well enough and develop fungal infections on the skin. Another very important part to be taken care of is the paws. During the rains, your dog steps on puddles of murky water or mud and dirt. This might cause fungal or bacterial infections to breed in their paws as well. Keep an anti-fungal powder handy in the monsoons. After every bath or every time, it gets wet in the rain, dust its coat and paws with the powder after drying properly.

Give a regular bath

Monsoons may be cooler, and you might think your dog doesn't need a bath regularly. But that's not true. Give your dog a regular bath with clean water and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo. Dry the coat with a blow dryer if your dog isn't afraid of it. Or else, towel dries thoroughly. After drying, use an anti-fungal or anti-tick powder.

Clean their beds

Hygiene is of utmost importance during the rains. Many pests, like ticks and fleas, also find this damp season perfect to breed in your dogโ€™s furry coat. To avoid the breeding of pests, it is important to keep your dog and its surroundings clean. Even if your dog has a bath regularly, fleas might get back on its coat broom its bed or its kennel. Keep your dogโ€™s bed clean. Change the covers regularly and expose the bed to the sun whenever you have the opportunity.

Store food in a clean and dry environment

Monsoons may also bring along a number of water-borne diseases. To avoid your dog from catching an illness, store its food in a clean and hygienic place in closed airtight containers.

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