How to Calm a Hyperactive Dog

How to Calm a Hyperactive Dog

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Hyperactive behavior in dogs is often a result of boredom and pent up energy. If your dog has high energy levels, the best way to calm her down is to redirect the energy or spend it. Let us take a look at some ways you can calm your hyperactive dog. Read on.


Give your dog a good number of avenues to burn off energy every day. It could be that the usual walk around the block is not sufficient to spend off its energy, which is why it is jumping up all excited even after exercise. Take him/her for a longer walk. See if he/she can trot around off the


somewhere. Play a game of fetch till he/she tires herself out good. Dogs that are tired are easier to train, and can pick up self-control and discipline better. You can even take your dog on a hiking trip. It gives them a chance to explore new environments and scents on the hiking trail. He/ She can also meet and interact with other pets on hiking trails, and run around freely in off-leash areas.

Playtime sessions with other pets

Organize play sessions with other dogs. Dog parks and daycare outlets are a great way for your pet to expend energy. Of course, dog parks may have dogs that are anti-social and aggressive, and may not always be the right setting for your hyperactive dog. Pet owners are often busy talking to others at the dog park, and may not be able to keep a close watch on their pets. On the other hand, daycare outlets usually have supervisors who structure the pets into different groups, based on their energy levels and size.

Redirect energy

Channel your dog's high energy into other tasks. You may not be around your dog round the day to keep a watch and calm his/her hyper-energy tendencies, and want to make sure that he/she has ways to stay busy and redirect his/her energy either way. Interactive food toys are a great way to keep your dog both physically and mentally occupied. These toys require your pet to work for their


and dispense food in small portions.

Stay calm and assertive

Dogs are sensitive to your moods and energy. They look up to you as the pack leader, and if you exude anxious vibes, they may turn even more hyper. They pick up on little cues, whether it is your body language or your voice. You do not want to use an angry or frustrated tone when you talk to them when they are hyper. Always have a calm assertive tone and body language so they do not bounce off your energy.

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