How To Build A Catio For Your Cat


Catios benefit your cat in many ways. They are not widely sought after by pet owners, mainly because very rare people know what catios are. Be that as it may, catios still have its perks. Whether your cat is an outdoor or an indoor cat, catios can provide enrichment, safety, stimulation of nature, and fresh air for her. All cats love to play. She will absolutely love this new addition to your garden. Basically, catios are cat patios the provide you with a peace of mind knowing that your cat will always be safe during her time out of the house, while also protecting the wildlife and the birds.Here are a few tips that you can follow to successfully build your cat her very own patio.

  1. Choosing A Location.

There are a number of different factors that you should take into consideration when selecting a location to put your catio on.

  • Ease Of Access.The best location for catios is near doors or exterior windows that make it easy for your cat to enter directly into her catio. Cat doors are available in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and colors. Install a cat door in a window, door, or even a wall.
  • SizeIt is important to keep the overall size of your yard in mind and how many cats you want to occupy the catio. All cats love vertical spaces so you should be able to maximize small areas by adding shelves and vertical perches.
  • Strong Foundation.The foundation is everything. Make sure you choose a level surface to build your catio for optimum results. If there isnโ€™t level ground at a place of your convenience, then you can level it by adding more soil or simply choose to change the location of the catio to the deck or patio.
  • Shade/ SunThe ideal location would be a location where your cat can enjoy the sun as well as get some shade. Just like how humans love tanning, cats love to bask in the warm sunlight. But you should also provide her with some sort of shade so she can have it if she pleases.
  1. Required Building Materials.These materials are widely available from any lumber or local home improvement stores. Materials include escape-proof wire, wood framing lumber, cedar shelves, as well as roof options. Good roof options are polycarbonate materials or rubber mesh. Other materials that you will need include:
  • Wire: Fencing wire is recommended. Another option to consider are wires that are vinyl-coated.
  • Floor: If youโ€™re building your catio on the soil, consider adding a patch of grass or some bricks to make the surface smoother.
  • Cedar shelves: Tight-knot cedar is recommended for an easier movement within the catio.

After youโ€™ve built your catio, add some objects that simulate her mind like water fountains, some toys, some decorations, and some plants. You should also make sure that you provide her with water, food, and a litter box.

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