How Technology is Changing the Face of Pet-Sitting

How Technology is Changing the Face of Pet-Sitting

Image credits - PixabayTechnology is making pet-sitting really easy. Although we hate leaving our pets, we sometimes have to go on long trips to places where pets are not allowed or business trips where pets are not welcome. That means we have to find someone qualified and willing to come and take care of our furry friends. This is usually a tedious task. There are some agencies that deal with these cases but most of them tend to be really costly and not really worth it in the end.Technology has drastically changed the face of pet sitting and made it easier for both the sitter and the pet parents. Here are a few apps that are highly recommended by pet sitters.

  1. MilelQ โ€“ This app comes with a lot of perks like the provision to track your mileage and classify whether your travel or business etc.
  2. Triplog โ€“ Another app that allows you to track your mileage.
  3. Rover โ€“ This app probably has the largest network of dog walkers and pet sitters in America. It also includes dog boarding services as well as doggie day care. It connects pet parents to dog walkers, dog sitters, house sites, and pet boarders. It even has a provision where your pet sitter can update you with a photo anytime!
  4. Pawshake โ€“ Pawshake is an app thatโ€™s not exclusive to the U.S. It operates in 19 countries and can be used in 19 different languages. The services offered range from home dog boarding, doggie day care, dog walking, pet sitting, home sitting, as well as home visits. As an added bonus, the app is free for users!

These arenโ€™t the only pet sitting apps available on the market right now. There are multiple others but a lot of them are just talk. Make sure you look at the pet sitterโ€™s qualifications before you blindly trust an app to do the job. Our dogs are part of the family by now, so treat them with the same luxury and care as with which you would treat your children.You would never keep your children locked in your house while youโ€™re working late or away on an unavoidable business trip. The same principle should also apply to your pets. You should never leave them just cooped up in the house alone while youโ€™re away. The new apps and technology makes owning a pet way more convenient for you. Use this convenience to be a better parent to your pooch. If youโ€™re working too late and donโ€™t have enough time to walk your dog yourself, donโ€™t sacrifice his physical health because youโ€™re not free. Hire a dog walker instead! Itโ€™s easier now with all the apps available to you.

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