How Safe Is Tap Water For Dogs?


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Even after taking the best care of your dog, something really mundane and routine might have escaped your notice โ€“ are you giving him the right water to drink? In your mind, you probably donโ€™t give much thought before filling his bowl with tap water but hereโ€™s why you should think it over.

Most Vets Donโ€™t Recommend It

Take the doctorโ€™s word and be more watchful of what you are feeding your dog. If the water is not deemed fit for your drinking, it couldnโ€™t be very different for him as well. The vets echo the same sentiment and recommend that you rather give your pets pure water in order to avoid water-borne diseases and other problems.

You Can Never Be Sure About The Tap Water

It might be possible that the running water in your home might be fit for consumption for the dog and hasnโ€™t caused any troubles in the past. However, that doesnโ€™t necessarily translates to it being disease-proof and infection-free at all times. Most of the homes get tap water from the Municipality in their homes, and one can never vouch for the quality unless itโ€™s tested on a regular basis. If you must, give them the tap water after getting it tested for any sort of odor or contamination. You can also get your tap water treated by adding chemicals that free it of any sort of virus or bacteria.Apart from this, the consumption of tap water might turn really hazardous if thereโ€™s a broken pipeline or some trouble at the source. Your unsuspecting dog might just contact a disorder and this could even affect his immunity. So you need to be careful of something as basic as water consumption. Keep a check on the water supply in your area. Sometimes, the water doesnโ€™t get treated properly even after filtration.

It Doesnโ€™t Take Much To Give Them Pure Water But Makes A Lot Of Difference

To keep your dog safe and be sure about his well-being, just pour him the water you drink, every time. It doesnโ€™t take a great deal and is an extremely easy habit to adopt, but it will keep you free of any worries surrounding your dogโ€™s health.You can also give them bottled water if you want. But in that case, you need to be absolutely sure of its purity and its quality. If you think this might not be reliable, since sometimes thereโ€™s no way to check the bottled waterโ€™s content, the simplest way to is to give them the water you drink.However, maintain a balance and make sure your dogโ€™s immunity isnโ€™t much affected by it. He should be able to digest normal water too in case youโ€™re traveling.

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