How Philly PAWS is Bringing the Brotherly Love to Pets


It's an unfortunate truth that some animals don't receive the love and care they need from owners to live happily. Thankfully, there are facilities around the U.S. that are dedicated to taking in neglected, abused and homeless pets, and nursing them back to health.The

Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

ย (aka PAWS or Philly PAWS) is a nonprofit organization that opens its doors to the city's abandoned and unwanted pets. Its extensive foster care network ensures that any animal they take in is placed into a permanent forever home with caring owners.

Who they arePhilly-PAWS-Blog-2

Philly PAWS is the largest no-kill shelter in Philadelphia and has two remote clinics that provide low-cost basic veterinary care to pet owners and rescue organizations. The ultimate goal is to lead Philly into becoming entirely no-kill, working to find homes for lost pets rather than locking them away in cages.According to PAWS, every year more than 30,000 homeless and unwanted dogs and cats are picked up by the city's animal control shelter, and almost 40 percent of them never make it back out alive. To prevent further acts of euthanasia, PAWS helps remove at-risk animals from kill shelters around the city and places them into safe and comfortable foster homes. In addition, they provide low- to no-cost veterinary services and spay/neuter surgeries to encourage better care.Their efforts enable pets to be cherished by families who truly love their pets and consider them another member of the pack rather than face living on the streets, potentially giving birth to unwanted litters.

What they doPhilly-PAWS-Blog-3

There's no shortage of charitable acts thatย PAWS carries out to rescue at-risk pets from the dangers of abandonment. The organization operates its Adoption Center in Old City, which features adoptable pets in a comfortable setting, a Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic in Grays Ferry, and the Northeast Adoption Center and Low-Cost Clinic in the northern region of Philadelphia.Together, these facilities bring much-needed veterinary services to communities that previously lacked any kind of affordable support. PAWS is also privately funded through the generosity of its supporters, and holds events to raise awareness about its campaign, such as the

annual PAWS Mutt Strut

held at the Navy Yard. The event attracts numerous sponsors, including TD Bank and the Philadelphia Flyers.The money raised from these eventsย is used for life-saving endeavors that help prevent the unnecessary killing of healthy and treatable pets in the city. With its highly qualified and dedicated staff, PAWS ensures that all animals find a safe home to live and rest comfortably.


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