How Facebook Saved a Puppy That Was Left to Die

How Facebook Saved a Puppy That Was Left to Die

Social media has vastly improved our ability to communicate and spread news. And while most of the time we use this new tool to share pictures of cats or pour over celebrity gossip, occasionally social media is put to a good use. This is one of those times. Midday on Friday,ย Marcia Lutz noticed that, down in a ravine by the side of the road, there was a puppy inside a plastic bag that was left there to die.ย Her first course of action was a post to Facebook pleading for anyone to come forth and help her with the rescue. โ€œThe place is difficult to access and I cannot save his life. If someone can helpโ€ฆโ€
Facebook/Marcia LutzWithin minutes a bevy responses started flyingย in. Many were people railing against the unknown monster that so heartlessly tossed an innocent puppy away. Others commented with their deepest sympathies for the poor, imperiled pooch. And while the flash flood of support pouring into Maricaโ€™s Facebook post was nice, what makes this story newsworthy is the fact thatย within a half hour of the post going up, people were already on their way to assist Marcia in the rescue.
Facebook/Claucia Jackline de OliveiraClaucia Jackline de Oliveira, a nurse at a nearby doctorโ€™s office, saw Marciaโ€™s post and knew what she had to do. Without a second thought, Claucia was scrambling down into the ravine and freed the puppy from the bag in which she was trapped. And, as if this miraculous rescue wasnโ€™t enough, one hour after the rescue took place, the Facebook post had already found this adorable little puppy a family to adopt her!
Facebook/Claucia Jackline de OliveiraLetโ€™s break down the entire timeline:
  • 10:22am - Marcia Lutz notices the puppy in the ravine and asks for help on facebook.
  • 10:36am - Claucia Jackline de Oliveira sees the post, rushes over and rescues the puppy.
  • 10:49am - Claucia asks if anyone on Facebookย could care for the puppy.
  • 11:47pm - Claucia announces that someone agreed to adopt.
So, in under two hours, this dog went from being trapped in a plastic bag in a deep ravine on the side of the road to waiting to meet herย new loving family! Sometimes the internet really comes through in the clutch.If you like stories like this, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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