How Does Dog Walking Improve Overall Well-Being?

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How Does Dog Walking Improve Overall Well-Being?

While each job is different, it's inevitable that everyone needs a break from the office during the day to clear their minds. Quick jaunts through a local park or window shopping on nearby streets can help pass the time, but might do little to ease workers' spirits.

According to, the Jefferson Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is

worried about the plight of office workers

in downtown New Orleans, and is offering a solution to the daily monotony of their jobs.

Taking a walk to lunch break

Similar to how dogs can be caged for hours at shelters, people can feel chained to their desks throughout the day. Because of this, the Jefferson SPCA is setting up a dog walking area in Lafayette Square on Dec. 12 for workers to come and relax at. They'll be able to take dogs for a brief walk, play in the sun and maybe even adopt a pooch they meet.Participants can visit the fenced-in area between noon and 5 p.m. for some play time. There will even be a "Kissing Booth" for quick photos - anything to encourage stress relief. The event was adapted from the Human Walking Project, which first popped up in Australia where it was coordinated by the Lost Dogs' Home organization in Melbourne. They experienced more than 5,000 adoptions after starting the program.

Ditching the treadmill for a dog

Everyone is looking for new and fun ways to either get fit or maintain their current health status. Over time, gym memberships can become a waste of time without the proper motivation or equipment, so why not consider a furry companion for your workouts?Michigan State University researchers conducted a

study on the exercise habits of nearby residents

, according to The New York Times. They tracked the physical activity of 5,900 people, including 2,170 of whom owned pooches. Led by Mathew Reeves, Ph.D., the MSU team found that roughly two-thirds of

dog owners

met the federal criteria for regular, moderate or vigorous exercise.Overall, the walkers had higher levels of physical activity than other subjects, and were more likely to play sports during the day. In addition,

dog owners

averaged about 30 minutes of exercise per week more than people who didn't own pooches.If you're interested in exercising with your dog to burn calories or eliminate stress, sign up for


to purchase discounted accessories and supplements for your furry friend.

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