How Do You Tell If your Cat Is Pregnant?

How Do You Tell If your Cat Is Pregnant?


Kittens are probably one of the cutest things in the world but they might not always be feasible. If your cat is fertile, then it is important to keep an eye out for pregnancy. It'll help you plan for the future and make sure your feline friend has the best possible pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms

Cats have a short gestation period of only 9 weeks. As such, they start showing signs of pregnancy openly pretty soon after they get pregnant., here are a few basic symptoms to look out for:

  • Enlarged nipples that are red is a sign of both the cat being in heat and a sign of pregnancy. The key is to look for milk secretion as a telling sign of pregnancy.
  • Since cats show early, if you look at a pregnant cat from the side you will see a bulging abdomen. Avoid touching the belly as you may hurt the mother or the unborn kittens. Overweight cats usually gain weight all over and not just the abdomen.
  • Nesting behavior is where female cats find quiet places and start arranging materials to create a โ€œnestโ€ for the babies.
  • Pregnant cats tend to have increased appetites as they get further along in the pregnancy.
  • Seeking extra attention and being more open to it is also a sign of pregnancy.
  • In some cases, cats have their own version of morning sickness where they vomit. If this becomes too frequent, take your cat to the vet.

The only way to confirm her pregnancy 100% is to take her

to the vet


Caring for a pregnant cat

As mentioned before, cats will have an increased appetite when they are pregnant. Make sure that she has easy access to food in these stages. Your vet might also suggest that you add chow or kitten food into her diet when she is close to her due date and when she's lactating after birth.Avoid vaccinations and medicines, even for de-worming before consulting your vet about it. Vaccination might be necessary in some cases as viruses can spread to kittens in the womb. Once the vet gives you the go ahead, you can stick to her schedule for regular vaccinations. Ideally, it is recommended to vaccinate your cat right before she starts breeding.As your cat gets further into her pregnancy and is close to going into labor, keep her inside as much as possible. This will prevent her from forming nesting patterns outside and makes sure that she gives birth under your care and supervision. You can even create a โ€œnestโ€ for her and keep her litter, food and bed close at all times.

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