How Do Dogs Suffer From Brain Tumors?


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Cancer is still ranked amongst the deadliest diseases in the world and any animal is prone to it; that includes your dog as well. Unfortunately, dogs, especially the older ones, are more vulnerable to brain tumors than other animals. Brain tumors can occur due to a variety of reasons and malignancies differ depending upon size, shape and breed of dogs. While meningiomas are more common in dogs with longer heads, pituitary tumors affect mostly dog breeds with short noses and flat faces.Before we try to understand how brain tumors affect dogs, we must first learn about the symptoms of brain tumor in dogs.

Symptoms of brain tumors

If the brain tumor affects the forebrain or the part of brain involved in thought and behavior, there will be symptoms of difficulty in learning and thought processing. It is also followed by signs of decreased thirst or hunger and unnatural movement. Head pain and seizures are also common symptoms.If the tumor occurs in the brainstem, the dogโ€™s movement and alertness get affected. Also, cardiovascular and respiratory symptoms get affected. Loss of balance and physical weakness are the most symptoms associated with these types of tumors.Tumors in the cerebellum affects coordination of movement and symptoms include inability to walk in a straight line, swaying and head tremors.


Causes of brain tumors in dogs is still unknown and different factors ranging from environmental to genetic are said to be the cause of brain tumors. Also, there has not been much research to identify exact causes of this type of cancer in dogs and whatever work has been done has improved the treatment methods.

Treatment options

Treatment options for brain tumors in dogs are the same as those available for humans โ€“ radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Surgery is done when radiation and chemotherapy fail to show any signs of improvement in the animal. Other treatment options include palliative treatments but they are mostly given to alleviate the pain or slow down the symptoms.Most brain tumors in dogs are now curable and a plethora of treatments are available. However, contact the vet who looks after your dogโ€™s health before deciding on any type of treatment.


Cancer is a deadly disease especially the ones like brain tumor can cause extreme pain. In a nightmare for dog owners when their dog contracts a brain tumor. However, there are many treatment options available and most are now curable. Brain tumors in dogs affect a variety of function depending upon the area in which the tumor grows. Knowing how to read the symptoms can be beneficial as some tumors can grow very fast. In case a symptom shows, the vet should be immediately contacted for further treatment.

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