How Did Fido Become a Member of the Secret Service?

How Did Fido Become a Member of the Secret Service?


Although our favorite furry friends can be cute and docile most of their lives, dogs are fiercely loyal and protective of their families. As pack animals, they won't hesitate to defend their loved ones in case of an intruder.This was the case on Oct. 22, 2014, when a man allegedly scaled the fence that surrounds the White House and was

met by two Secret Service dogs

, ABC News reported.

The canines - Hurricane and Jordan - tussled with the intruder, with one supposedly getting kicked during the scuffle. Both pooches were taken to a veterinarian after the incident and treated for minor bruising, but were cleared for duty the next day.Dominic Adesanya, the alleged jumper, remains in police custody. Officers claim he scaled the north fence of the White House before being wrestled to the ground by the K-9 agents. He was charged with two counts of felony assault on a police officer - the pooches - as well as four counts of resisting/unlawful entry.Dogs are no strangers to law enforcement, as many canines are known to be valued members of narcotics units at agencies around the globe. But Secret Service pooches might come as a surprise to some!

The history of canine agents

According to the U.S. Secret Service, the agency's dog program was

established in 1975 as an effective way to detect and dispose of explosives

. The

canine agents

are typically Belgian Malinois, which some may confuse with the German Shepherd due to their similar coloring and black muzzles.Belgians are one of four types of sheep herding dogs, and are

known for being an alert, high-energy breed

, the American Kennel Club explained. They're popularย as police and military dogs. Compared to the German Shepherd, they have a more elegant build and are lighter-boned, but don't lack any strength or mobility as a result. The Malinois is highly intelligent, trainable and likes having a job to do. They're relatively easy to maintain as well, given their medium size and short coats that shed very little.This confident canine loves his family, but the AKC stated that he may be reserved around strangers. Without being too aggressive, he'll watch over his loved ones to ensure their safety.

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