Hooray! PetPlus Pups Gets First Shelter Dog Adopted

Hooray! PetPlus Pups Gets First Shelter Dog Adopted

Whenever a dog is adopted from a shelter, it is cause for celebration. Every dog deserves a loving home and we appreciate every adopter opening their hearts to a rescue. But when that dog is also a PetPlus Pup, we tend to go

a little nuts


It's always fun when we get to turn on the fog machines

So when we found out that

Cooper, our first PetPlus Pup

, was adopted last week, we just had to say something.Cooper had been a resident at the

Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

for longer than any other pet, waiting for his forever home for six long months -

and for no good reason!

See how wonderful Cooper is in this video.


Cooper and Sharif

Cooper is a lovable, playful, funny pit mix, but for some reason he was having trouble finding that perfect somebody to take him home. So we decided to step in and make him our first

PetPlus Pup


And it worked!

Cooper now has a wonderful person to call his own, named Sharif, and the two of them are sure to have a wonderful, play-filled life ahead of them.

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What is PetPlus Pups?

Many shelters have that one dog that keeps getting overlooked for no good reason, so we here at PetPlus decided to help out by sweetening the pot. For selected dogs that are having difficulty finding their forever home, we are pairing these dogs with a free lifetime of PetPlus to reward the wonderful people who give these dogs a place to live.


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is guaranteed to save every pet parent tons on the lifetime cost of owning a pet.

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