Home at Last: Follow Max on His Backyard Adventure



I'm ho-oome! Time to teach the squirrels who's boss and claim my backyard once more!

Boy, it has been a busy summer for

Max the puppy and Millie the cat

, and now that their

road trip

is done, they're excited to get back home. Hooray for spending the rest of the summer lazing about the house and enjoying their own backyard!Still, there are several potential dangers to pets in that very backyard. So what will Max and Millie's pet parents need to look out for?

What Max and Millie Need This Summer:

  1. Protection from fleas and ticks. There are few things worse than a flea infestation, so keep ahead of the little buggers (pun intended) by protecting your pets before there's a problem.
  2. Heartworm preventatives. Warm weather means mosquitos, and mosquitos carry heartworms -- nasty wormy things that grow inside your pet and cause internal damage. Fortunately, pet parents can avoid this horror-movie-like issue with simple monthly preventatives.
  3. Water, water everywhere. Hot sun and warm weather makes you reach for the water bottle, so your pets are likely feeling the same way. Have fresh water set out in all their favorite spaces.
  4. Cat and doggie doors that follow the rules. Did you know that some pet doors can be programmed to only open for certain pets? You can let Fido roam as he pleases and keep Fluffy inside since she's never been an outdoor cat.

What Max and Millie Wonโ€™t Like Much:

  1. Fertilizers, pesticides, or insect repellants on the lawn they're playing on. Keeping lawns green and pest-free with helpful products is a no-brainer for many pet parents. Be sure you're also following the guidelines on any products you use -- most will recommend that pets stay off the lawn or treated area for a certain amount of time. TIP: Put all pet toys away in a storage bin before treating your yard.
  2. Sunburns! Pets' fur acts as a natural "sunscreen," but their noses, tummies, and any less-hairy areas are still susceptible to burning. Find a pet-friendly sunscreen and oil up!
  3. Raccoons, foxes, porcupines, and more can find this season just lovely for exploring. While there's not much you can do to keep these critters out besides maintain a fence and call animal control when there's a problem, you can keep an eye on your pets when they're outside, so you'll know right away if some pushy animal is ready to start a fight.
  4. People food and barbecue scraps. Well, maybe Max would love to gobble down a barbecue chicken leg, but this could result in bone shards in his mouth or stomach, or digestive distress from rich people-food he's not used to. Watch the grill closely if your pets are hanging out with you, and keepย flavored treats on hand to share the summer fun.

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