Hero Pup Saves Owners from Raging Fire



Dog owners form bonds with their pets that can run much deeper than long walks at the end of a day and healthy scratches behind their ears. At times, pooches can become so close to their "parents" that they can save their lives during emergencies.This was the case withย 7-month-old Cheeky Baby, who rescued her family from a burning house fire early in the morning.

Acting in the nick of time

WHDH 7 Newsย in Bostonย reported that the pup was the only one awake at around 2:30 a.m. when she

jumped on 12-year-old Jose Rodriguez's bed to wake him up

. According to the boy, Cheeky Baby was licking their faces and biting their ears until they woke up.When they did, Jose and his brother realized the room was full of smoke and that a fire was quickly growing near his bed. Acting fast, the boys divided duties by waking up their family while the other grabbed water from downstairs to try and douse the flames. While the fire wound up destroying most of their possessions and made their home uninhabitable, the Rodriguezs are alive thanks to Cheeky Baby.The pooch's fast thinking isn't the only time canines have acted heroically to save the lives of their owners.

Learning the long history of heroic pups

Cheeky Baby might count True, a blind, deaf and three-legged Dachshund, as a member of her hero dog squad. Back in 2012, this unlikely saviorย came to the rescue of her family when their cabin in Grady County, Oklahoma, caught fire one Sunday morning.Owner Katie Crosley thought True needed to go outside to use the bathroom, but was greeted by a wall of flames when she opened her door. According to KFOR News, an

electrical short had ignited a fireball on the front porch

of their home, blocking the family's exit. Thankfully, they had enough time to escape through the smoke and out of the back of the house.NBC News reported that a few years earlier, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever saw his

owner choking on a piece of fruit

and was able to quickly perform a canine-modified Heimlich maneuver to save her life. ย She had been trying to perform the technique on herself but it didn't work.Thinking fast, Toby quickly got up on his hind feet and put his front paws on Debbie's shoulders, pushing her onto her back on the ground. He then started jumping up on her chest, which eventually dislodged the apple. Toby kept licking her face as well to keep her from passing out. The doctor told Debbie that she wouldn't be alive without Toby's ingenuity.Dogs pay close attention to their owners and don't hesitate to act quickly when they spot trouble. Reward them with the same dedication by signing up for


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