Hero Police Dog Killed by Bombers in Paris Attacks

Hero Police Dog Killed by Bombers in Paris Attacks

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This week, a hero presented himself in the form of a brave parisian police dog name Diesel.Diesel, a bomb sniffing dog for the Paris Police Department, was killed during the siege on an apartment believed to be harboring the terrorists responsible. Anyone who has been online in the past week is aware that social media has experienced an outpouring of sympathy, first for the families who suffered losses during these devastating attacks, but now also for Diesel. ย 
Photo via Selimmuse on Twitter
Diesel was a seven-year-old Belgian Malinois who charged headlong into the suspect apartment building to assess the situation. And while he was bravely serving his country, the terrorists inside the building took his life, thus starting what ended up being a seven-hour firefight in Saint-Denis.
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Photo via Selimmuse on Twitter
Policemen and women at the scene have been quoted as saying that Diesel was โ€œindispensableโ€ to their operations on that day, and that he โ€œdied defending our colours.โ€ Clearly, this police dog embodied all the characteristics a police dog should - bravery in the face of danger, a keen sense of duty, and an unflappable will.After Dieselโ€™s death, people on Twitter and Facebook began to show their support for the brave dog, posting pictures of their own dogs and expressing their sorrows under the hashtag #JeSuisUnChien.The hashtag #JeSuisUnChien, meaning "I am a dog,โ€ has since gone viral in support of this dogโ€™s bravery. Clearly, the hashtag is being a little tongue-in-cheek, as it is a spin on the #JuSuisCharlie hashtag that went viral after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January. Even still, the fact that in the midst of such awful news, the human collective can band together to champion a hero shows that our moral compass is still reading true north.Diesel-3And the fact that the one of the heroes in question happens to be a dog should come as no surprise. The love of a pet transcends language and culture. They truly are manโ€™s best friend.


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