Hero Dog Rescues Deaf Boy from Burning House



Just his luck. The first time Nick Lamb is allowed to stay home alone and he ends up waking up in the middle of the night to a raging house fire.

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All things considered, however, it could have been much worse. Nick was born deaf, and while he has cochlear implants that help him hear, he turns them off when he goes to bed. So that night when the house was ablaze, Nick was unable to hear the smoke alarm.

Then what shook him from his deep slumber?


The very sloppy kisses of a hero dogย named Ace.

Whether Ace, a pit bull, somehow knew that Nick was unable to hear the alarm, or if he just wanted to wake up the only person in the house to shut it off, the fact remains that if it wasn't for Ace's slobbery wake up call, there is a good chance that neither one of them would have made it out of the house alive.


โ€œI thought he wanted to go outside,โ€ Nick told AP reporters, explaining the initial confusion of being awoken by Ace to find his house on fire. That confusion, however, went right out the window the second Nick saw all of the smoke billowing throughout the house. โ€œI just wanted to get out.โ€

Barefoot, the two of them rushed out of the house, Nick covering his nose and mouth with his shirt. Luckily, Nick managed to grab one of his cochlear implants on his way out of the house, enabling him to talk on the phone with the fire department and his parents.

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โ€œIt's amazing, because if [Ace] wouldn't have been there, he probably wouldn't have even woke up,โ€ Nickโ€™s mother told AP.

While Nick and Ace were able to rush out of the burning house to safety, the family cat Pixie remained inside until rescued by firefighters. Now being treated for smoke inhalation, vets are confident that the skittish kitty will pull through.

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Source:Associated Press - Dog Hailed as Hero for Alerting Deaf Boy to Fire
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