Hero Dog Rescues 84-Year-Old Owner Lost In The Australian Wild

Hero Dog Rescues 84-Year-Old Owner Lost In The Australian Wild

This past week, a newly adopted dog led a team of rescuers over mountains and through the bush to save her 84-year-old owner who was lost in the Australian wilderness. It all started last Wednesday when, on a routine walk, Mr. Manfred Classen and his dog Kiara had wandered off the trail and gotten themselves lost in the bush. However, since Manfredโ€™s wife suffered from the onset of dementia, no missing persons report was made until the following day when his son was made aware of his disappearance. Worried that Manfred was in serious danger, his son Lovell amassed a rescue party and began to scour the surrounding area, fanning out in all directions to better search for his missing and possibly injured father.
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For three days the search went on without any reward. Prospects were beginning to look bleak. And that is when, as if by divine intervention, Kiara was spotted by the rescue party. Once it was clear that she was healthy, Lovell and his search party were able to use Kiara to help lead the way back to Manfred.
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โ€œI followed the dog...she sniffed along the ground and followed a trail and just kept going and going. We went over two mountains and down a ravine close to a creek but were still on an edge covered in rocks. She lured me to my father, I could hear his voice...and then I came running up and gave him a big hug,โ€ said Lovell.When they finally came upon Manfred, it was clear that he had spent a harrowing few days stuck in the bush. However, had it not been for Kiara, one can only imagine what sort of fate would have been awaiting him. Thankfully, now Manfred is in the hospital and in โ€˜recovery modeโ€™ as Lovell puts it. He is covered in scrapes and bruises, but all signs point to him making a full recovery within as couple weeks.
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And while Lovell and the entire Classen family are grateful to the police and SES teams that aided with the search for Manfred, the real glory should go to Kiara for keeping him safe during their time alone in the bush, as well as lead the search party right to him. If you want to see more stories like this, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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