Hero Dog Chases Rogue Black Bear Out Of Kidsโ€™ Room



Two weeks ago, Priscilla Epperson from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, had quite a start when she heard her

dog barking hysterically. Unsure of what was causing her dog to go nuts, she went downstairs to check. It was then that Priscilla saw it -- a black bear lumbering around the house, with all three of her sons asleep in the same room." when i came down the stairs the door was opened and i saw black fur which i knew it was a bear and i saw my dog, her tail end was wagging and she was going crazy," said priscilla. luckily, before priscilla had a chance to act, coco, with her incessant barking and running around, had managed to scare the bear back outside.ย "i was afraid she might get mauled by the bear but she's really fast, kept running circles around the bear... the bear was [trying to shoo away coco],ย and finally the bear shot up the driveway, and i called her to come back," said epperson. nervous that the bear would come back, priscilla let coco keep barking and running around until she decided to stop on her own. and even after she was done puffing out her chest and>protecting her people, she still would not let them out of her site, sitting by the foot of Priscillaโ€™s bed with her hair straight on end.Priscilla believes that the bear wandered in through the side door, which was often left unlatched. Lucky for them Coco was around to scare off the beastly intruder.

What Would You Do?

While Pricilla and her sons were lucky enough to have such a brave protector on hand, others may not be so lucky. In the event that you encounter a bear

, either in your home or (more likely) in the woods, here are a few handy tips:

  • Do NOT approach the bear - especially if she is with cubs.
  • Stay calm and avoid making sudden movements
  • If the bear has not yet spotted you, calmly walk away quickly and quietly.
  • If the bear does see you, try to get his/her attention before they are close. Waive your arms and talk in a normal voice.
  • If you are being persued, toss something on the ground. Hopefully the bear will be distracted, giving you time to escape to safety.
  • If the bear charges, stand your ground. Many times bears charge as a bluff, veering off or backing down before getting close.
  • For more tips, check here -->ย usparks.about.com


Source: ABC-WATE- Dog chases bear out of Gatlinburg house, scaring it away from family US Parks About - Bear Safety
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