Hereโ€™s Why Dogs Shake Their Fur


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Dogs are adorable creatures. They do many things that tend to fascinate us and for good reason. Theyโ€™re playful, friendly, and mischievous and we love all that about them. They are like family to us and we love them more than we can put into words. Weโ€™ve gotten so used to some of their behavioral traits that we donโ€™t even question whether itโ€™s normal or not anymore. Why do dogs shake their fur? We may see it as something they just tend to do from time to time, but is that all it is? Here are a few reasons why he might be shaking his fur.

  1. Heโ€™s stressedWhen dogโ€™s get stressed, they try to shake the feeling off as if it were something physical. IT can also be seen as a surge of adrenaline after particularly stressful situation. The shake helps your canine companion to press the reset button on his brain. When he shakes his fur in this instance, heโ€™s trying to alleviate the built up stress in his system and start over.Watch his reactions on different occasions to get a clear idea of what might be stressing him out. If he shakes his fur right after youโ€™ve stopped petting him, chances are that the interaction stressed him out a bit. Identify the stressors in his environment by paying attention to him and try to remove as many stressors as you can.
  2. Theyโ€™re going through a wind down.If youโ€™ve noticed your dog shake his fur right after you had a pretty intense play session, or after a rigorous activity, heโ€™s likely to be winding down. Shaking his fur in this instance means that heโ€™s ready to relax and flex his muscles. It could even signal that heโ€™s feeling friendly and ready to be petted. Itโ€™s a common way dogs use to tell their humans that playtime was a lot of fun but now he wants to relax.
  3. They might be uncomfortableIs your dog favoring one ear over the other? Having issues with his skin? Emotional discomfort isnโ€™t the only reason why dogs shake their fur. The action could also indicate physical discomfort. It could be a sign that their skin is itching due to allergy related issue, or that they might have something lodged in their ear like mites or debris. Itโ€™s safe to take to the vet as soon as possible if you see him shake his fur and also scratch his ear while doing it.
When should you be concerned?

It is important to be able to differentiate between fur shaking and just plain trembling. The two can mean really different things and if your dog is trembling uncontrollably, then you should take him to the vet to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

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