Here are five dog breeds that are perfect couch potatoes


Looking for a dog that will fit right into your city apartment? Perhaps, a dog you can cuddle on the couch with, as you both tune into your favorite Jim Carrey movie? You'll be surprised. Several dog breeds would like nothing more than to curl up and nap on your lap all day. If you identify yourself as lazy, here are five dog breeds for you, to choose yourself a pet that will compliment your lazy -

  1. English Bulldog โ€“ Bulldogs may have an intimidating appearance, but don't get fooled by the face. Bulldogs are incredibly low-maintenance dogs, that only want to stretch their limbs and relax on the couch. They don't like to exercise and prefer the indoors to the outdoors. Bulldogs have a short coat of hair, which nullifies any grooming needs. What more? You can rely on their glum face to scare away intruders to your apartment.
  2. Shih Tzu โ€“ Not the laziest of dogs, but Shih Tzus prefer their downtime too. They are most definitely mellow when compared to other terriers. You can count on your Shih Tzu to keep you company on your sitcom binge-watch sessions.
  3. Pekingese โ€“ History tells us that the Pekingese breed of dogs once lived in the palaces of China. Pekingese make for great lapdogs. They are perfectly happy to lounge around your apartment and skip that walk around the neighborhood.
  4. Pug โ€“ Pugs make for some of the best apartment dogs. Their health concerns, such as sensitivity to weather extremities and difficulty in breathing, make them incredibly apartment friendly. Just make sure, you don't feed your pug too much, or you could end up making it overweight. A pug's diet should be well-balanced, to counter its lack of physical activity.
  5. Tibetan Spaniel โ€“ Tibetan Spaniels, are not really lazy, but they don't need much exercise either. These small-sized dogs are happiest in cold climes and comfortable indoor spaces. Also, at 9-15lbs, you can easily pick them up and put them on your lap.


Not all of us are active and energetic, so why should all dog breeds be? If you're the kind that prefers staying indoors rather than going out to the theatre or finding recreation outdoors, these dogs should make the perfect pet companion for you. Choose from any of the breeds listed above, and you and your pet can spend hours lounging around your apartment, being lazy together. Some of these dog breeds are lazy by temperament; others don't require much physical activity or are unable to engage due to health constraints. They also require minimal grooming, making them perfect low-maintenance pet options for the easy-going individual.

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