Here Are Diy Hacks To Make A Cat Perch

Here Are Diy Hacks To Make A Cat Perch

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Any cat owner would know that felines require a lot of stimulation, exercise, and high places from where they can perch and jump to keep their muscles active. Cats do sleep for many hours each day, but they are by nature agile hunters who need to activate their feline hunting tendencies by leading and prancing about in their majestic but graceful manner. That's where cat perches and furniture come in. Working on DIY cat projects can be a fun way to keep you and your cat engaged for a couple of hours. Here are a few DIY hacks to make a perch for your cat.

  1. Recycle throwaway materials like trays and cushion stuffing
    When you have old articles like trays or worn out cushions or mattresses to throw out, ensure that you keep parts of them for DIY projects. For instance, old trays and the stuffing of worn out cushions and mattresses are exactly what you need to put together a cat perch. These materials along with a few shelf brackets and screws available in hardware stores are all you need to run DIY projects for your pet cat or dog.
  2. Use extra bits of papers and ribbons to make the decoration
    When you shop for gift wrappers or craft material, buy one or two extra papers for your cat perch project. You could even use torn wallpaper and plaster it on the bottom of your perch, or turn old ribbons into bows to adorn the finished porch. If your children have leftover glitter and glue, you could use that to make your cat perch look more appealing. Stickers, marker pens, and wrapper can also be used to decorate your DIY cat perch.
  3. Donโ€™t shy away from using a power drill and screws to create extra compartments
    Pre-mark the spot that you want to drill through to make sure your target lands perfectly. You could drill and screw a small plastic or metal box to the perch to store catnip. You could also use ribbons to attach catnip infused chew toys or other edibles for your four-legged friend to enjoy. Finally, you could add a headboard or a scratch pad to make the cat perch even more inviting. Based on where you want to attach the cat perch, you will have to fix placeholders. Create holes for screws and use small metal pieces to hold the cat perch in place.

Before planning your cat perch design, decide where you want to place it. Also decide on what accessories you want to attach to the cat perch and how you want to decorate it. Once you have done all of the above, use the hacks on this post to create a DIY cat perch for your feline friend. You can get more ideas for DIY cat projects on the PetPlus blog.

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