Here Are A Few Health Complications That Are Common In The Bull Terrier


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Bull Terriers are muscular dogs known for their bravery. These strong dogs are also smart and friendly. These canines love companionship. Leaving them alone for extended periods will result in stress and depression. Behavioral issues will also crop up. The average life expectancy of this breed approximates 10 years. If you are an owner of a Bull Terrier, it is important to make sure that they enjoy a full life. Happiness along with health are important for senior dogs. It means that taking optimal care of the dog in its younger age will result in a healthier old dog with much fewer complications.

BAER and deafness

A warning: before you adopt a Bull Terrier, ask the concerned breeder the animal's certificate confirming that the dog has taken the BAER test when it was five weeks old. The BAER or Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response test stimulates the canine with sounds while the machine evaluates the response of the brain to such stimuli. The test is compulsory for the Bull Terriers as it is the sole test which can completely find out a dog's deafness. The BAER test also determines the severity of deafness.It is vital to know the list of health complications which may reduce the life quality of your Bull Terrier. It is vital to prevent such health complication and treat them if such a thing happens. One of the most common complications in this breed is deafness. About 18 percent of the Bull Terriers suffer from hearing problems right after they are born. This is due to heredity. Loss of hearing could be on both the ears or only on one ear. If it is only one ear, the dog could lead a normal lifestyle sans any major complications. In such cases, the veterinarian should specifically monitor the deaf dog's needs and its health.

Kidney problems

Bull Terriers have a greater probability of suffering from Kidney disease. A few genetic lines are especially susceptible to this. The development of the kidney is insufficient, resulting in a tiny organ which could lose its function. Renal insufficiency happens when the concerned kidneys could not filter blood in a proper manner. The situation needs a particular treatment and a better diet. Home foods make for a better eating regimen in such cases. The Patellar luxation problem is one where the kneecap gets dislocated from its rightful place, causing pain when the dog tries to move.The Bull Terrier may also suffer from polycystic kidney disease. This condition is extremely severe with the animal suffering from direct kidney failure. The outcome can be death for that specific dog. To detect such kidney problems, a simple urine test is enough. This can be done once every year.

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