Hawaii Woman Tries to Flip Rescue Dog for Profit


flip a rescue dog
Photo from YouTube

Not one hour after Sally Mae's adoption, employees at the Hawaiian Humane Society found a Craigslist post for the rescue dog, asking for twice her original adoption fee.

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In the post, the seller claimed that her and her boyfriend were no longer able to care for the dog. Did they somehow become overburdened between the time they adopted the dog and when they got home?

No -- she was just looking to make some easy money.

Flipping Rescue Dogs

However, due to the legal grey area in which this practice exists, the humane society is at a loss for how to proceed. Nothing technically illegal took place. Yet we can all agree that this kind of behavior is inappropriate and needs to be prevented.

The business of adopting and reselling dogs for profit has becoming a growing problem in some areas - and the fact that there is no legal recourse against it makes it that much worse.

flip a rescue dog
Photo from YouTube

In the case of Sally Mae, there may be hope for retribution. While she is actually 10-years-old, the craigslist post advertised her as five. This could be viewed as attempting to defraud a potential buyer.ย Whether that is enough to have the slimy salesperson tried in court has yet to be determined. But we do know that the amount of outrage stirred up by this unseemly deed will help put an end to reselling rescue dogs.

In fact, the Humane Society is working on drawing up a bill that makes the act of dog flipping illegal. For the time being, however, they are encouraging people to take caution whenever they agree to adopt a dog through any channel that isn't an official animal rescue.

So, if you are looking to adopt, make sure you go through a reputable source so as to not encourage this kind of unscrupulous behavior.

And if you want to learn a little more about Sally Mae, watch this video!

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Source:Khon 2 - Craigslist Dog Ad Sparks Public Outrage, Disappointment

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