Guide Dog Saves Handler by Leaping In Front Of Bus - And Lives!

Guide Dog Saves Handler by Leaping In Front Of Bus - And Lives!

This past July, one

guide dog proved just how dedicated he was to keeping his handlers safe. What was supposed to be a routine walk around the neighborhood quickly took a turn for the worse when a school minibus came wheeling around a corner without looking. Had Figo not been there, chances are a one Audrey Stone would no longer be with us.So how did Figo save his handler from getting bowled over by this freewheeling bus?He jumped in front of it himself.

One Dog's Unimaginable Heroism

Photo Courtesy of Lohud

Photo Courtesy of


โ€œBasically, he would have died for me, doing what he did,โ€ Stone told reporters after the incident.Stone is

legally blind and requires a service dog to get around. Figo had filled that void for over six years, and in that time an incredibly close bond had been formed. So it goes without saying that, after Figoโ€™s heroic act, Stone was inconsolable for fear that she had lost her best friend.Even though Figoโ€™s heroic deed meant he took the brunt of the force from the collision, Stone did not walk away unscathed. That said, had it not been for Figo, she would likely be in significantly worse shape, or possibly even dead.Since both Audrey and Figo left that day pretty banged up, both were put into intensive care followed by months of physical therapy.

The Touching Reunion


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Now, almost 5 months after the incident, the pair are finally being reunited. โ€œYouโ€™re home - finally!โ€ exclaimed Stone upon seeing her heroic canine again.What makes this happy ending even sweeter is the fact that, not only does Figo get to go home to the woman he risked his life to protect, but his act of heroism is also being rewarded by the


who have deemed him their Dog of the Year.

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