Great Life Withholds Certain Buffalo Recipe Dog Foods

Great Life Withholds Certain Buffalo Recipe Dog Foods

April 30, 2013

โ€“ Great Life Performance Pet Products has notified its distributors to request theyย withholdย certain products from sale to consumers.


The affected dog food products include:

  • Great Life Grain Free Buffalo
  • Dr. Eโ€™s Grain Free Buffalo

According to the company, the action is being taken because some packages are โ€œnot reaching full expiration dateโ€ as suggested by the presence of an unexplained odor.

Threat Level:

Not known.ย In its letter, Great Life assures distributors recent lab tests have found their Grain Free Buffalo products โ€œfree of Salmonella, E. coli, toxins, micro-toxins, etc.โ€. What is causing the odor is still unknown. It's best to assume that the food is not safe to feed your dog.

What Should I Do?:

Dispose of any unused portion of the product and feed your dog an alternate food. Keep on the lookout for

signs of gastric distress

like vomiting or diarrhea, which could signal a health issue.Contact the store where you purchased the food to see if a refund or exchange is allowed.ย PetCareRx does not currently sell these products.


If your dog eats another type of food in addition to one mentioned above, feed your dog the other food only. If you need to switch your dog to a new food, consider one of these grain-free options.

Before Grain Canned Dog FoodWellness Core Grain Free Formula Dry Dog Food

Since switching a dog's food quickly (instead of mixing foods over a period of a few days) can cause stomach distress, talk to your vet if your dog experiences digestive issues.

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