Giving Your Dog a Facial

Giving Your Dog a Facial

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You should give your dog a facial if you want to make it feel good. The procedure will improve the animal's overall appearance. It will also increase your dog's luster, particularly in its face skin and fur.ย  Doing so will remove tear stains. You can use many ingredients to complete the procedure. It is possible to use the shampoo you use and regular tap water to give your canine an excellent and effective facial. The end is worth the hard work. Your dog will look more attractive and brighter too.

Do remember your dog may not like the fact that you are too close to it, especially to its face. The presence of frothy shampoo does not help matters. It is essential that the process must not only be rewarding for you, but also your dog. Begin the facial procedure with a good massage. End it by giving your dog its favorite treat. The delicious edible will ease the dog's anxieties.

Blueberry procedure

Most dog groomers subscribe to the natural blueberry method when it comes to giving a canine its facial. The procedure is a simple one, and you require only two extra tools: a towel and a pin-brush. To start the facial, gather all the items needed for the job. The cloth and the brush is compulsory and cannot be substituted by any other comparable procedure like hair dryers.  After you have gathered all the ingredients together, it is now time to make the facial compound. Grind a half cup of oats with a blender or coffee grinder. Your aim should be a powdery consistency. Take fresh blueberries and crush them up. Add the crushed fruits to the oatmeal. Mix the two thoroughly in a bowl. The resultant facial product is rich in antioxidants and excellent for your dog's fur and skin.

Apply the compound using your fingers. Take the compound in your fingers and apply it to the face of your canine. Gently rub the blueberry containing compound into your dog's fur and its skin. Massage the jowls and the cheeks, applying the compound throughout. Do not forget the top of the dog's head, taking care to include behind the ears.

Tasty and effective Do not worry about your dog getting angry. The canine will find the blueberry-oat mix tasty and lick it off wherever it can. Do not stop your dog from licking the compound. It is now time to rinse. Take a cloth and a small cup and rinse the mixture off the dog's face after the message. The mix will leave the dog's skin soft. The fur will be luscious and also healthy. If you do not want to prepare the blueberry oatr mix, then like compounds are available in the market.

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