Giving Up Your Puppy to Others


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It takes considerable will-power to give your puppy to someone else, independent of the length of the time you owned the cute animal. Before you change your mind, remember that you love your puppy more than any other person in this world and yet it is you who is giving the animal away. Think about the reasons underlying such a decision. The decision to give away could stem from your financial weakness or the behavioral characteristic of the puppy. It is hard to find a good home for your dog, and you must be caring and responsible as long as you keep the canine.

Checkups and vaccinations.

Do take the puppy to the veterinarian for check-ups and vaccinations. Spay or neuter the animal. If you are thinking about making the puppy a good breeder, stop right there! There are lots of unwanted dogs in this cruel world, and there is an even chance that your dog may end up as one. A sterilized pet has a better chance to find a better home than a non-neutered or non-spayed one. The best action you can do is to give it an even chance of getting a house whose inhabitants will genuinely care for the dog. Spaying and neutering have many unexpected benefits. The animal will not urinate on everything to mark its territory and the chances of getting it kicked out reduces. The dog will also have a lesser tendency to run away from its new home.

In case you have already spayed or neutered your dog, and the animal has bitten no one, then you can advertise for the dog. Put an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper. Screen all callers carefully. Do not hide the puppy's defects when you describe the dog to a potential owner. Remember that no animal is perfect. Whatever you do, you must not lie.

Good photos If you have a good camera, take high-quality photographs of the puppy. If you do not have a good camera, choose one from your friend or hire one. Type the pup's name in the photo itself. It personalizes the dog. Write a few words about the best traits of the puppy, including its most endearing qualities and a few guidelines for the new home. Examples of these include a small family, no kids, experienced owners and more. If it is the matter of selecting an animal shelter, exercise discretion. Visit the place alone beforehand and talk to the staff. The chances are that your puppy could spend its entire life in that kennel. It is observed that dogs deteriorate mentally and emotionally swiftly inside a shelter. This is true even for better shelters. No dog must be forced to undergo such stress for an extended period.

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