Gimpy Pets: A Heartwarming Mission to Save One Disabled Pet at a Time



The Gimpy Pets are out on the town!

It's not every day that somebody takes up a serious cause on their own, but when they do they can often accomplish great things. One such hero is Janice Serilla, a designer who sells her patterns on Etsy and, it turns out, also has incredible passion for disabled pets. Her blog Gimpy Pets chronicles her experiences, and proceeds from her shop go to local animal shelters and rescues.

With a certain love for dogs of the Papillon breed (but not afraid to extend love to pets of any size), Janice has adopted a number of Papillons in need. From the late Detective Tinkerton (the Papillon that started it all) to Oonagh, Candy, Eagan, and a three-legged cat named Harper, Serillaย has made it her mission to help pets who would have a tough time finding a home otherwise.

Meet the Serilla gang:



Oonagh, from Facebook

Rescued from an illegal breeder, Oonagh was found crammed into a tiny cage and pregnant. While, sadly, her puppies did not make it, Oonagh was lucky enough to be taken out of those awful conditions.

She is a Papillon with one eye, but tons of spunk! Recently adopted, Oonagh is no longer living with Serilla, but will always be a part of the family.



Candy, from Facebook

Foundย tick ridden and with a nasty ear infection, walking the streets of Sacramento, Candy was taken in a couple years ago. A seven year old Papillon with leg problems, Candy continues to brighten the Serilla home with her chipper disposition.



Eagan, from Facebook

Formerly a street dog, this elderly Papillon was barely able to walk when he was picked up due to a serious case of patellar luxation. Thankfully, after a few months of living in a loving home, he was able to put on some much needed weight and can now โ€œhop like a little bunny rabbit around the house.โ€

Harper, from Facebook

This cat lost one of his rear legs to vaccine-related sarcoma (or VAS) type cancer. Despite the fact that he is a tripod, Harper shows no signs of slowing down, shooting around the house and playing with his canine siblings all day.

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