Games for Cats Hackathon: The Winning Team Gives Kitty-Kind a New Diversion


This weekend, over 50 gamers and developers gathered in LA to participate in the first ever

Games for Cats Hackathon

, a two-day event hosted by Friskies, makers of some of the first tablet electronic games for felines, including

You vs. Cat

.Games for Cats have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and impressed cats all over with games like CatFishing and Party Mix-Up, in which cats bat at fish, cheese, and other colorful objects on the screen to โ€œcatchโ€ them.This weekend's winner of the $15,000 prize is Team Catastrophe with their aptly-named game


. The game, whose creators areย Jeremiah Ingham, Arthur Danskin, J. Spencer Kennedy, and Peter Brown, calls for cats to defend the universe by making music with their paws. As part of the win, Friskies will consider further developing and selling the game.Want to know more about

playing tablet games with your cat

? Learn why cats are attracted to the games, what drawbacks there may be, and how to work around them.

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