Five Cats and Dogs Who Decided to Be BFFs

Five Cats and Dogs Who Decided to Be BFFs

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Traditional notions may have you believe that there is an inherent animosity between dogs and cats. Let's just put those conventional beliefs aside for a moment, as we take a look at five dog cat duos who are best friends.

Jasper and Bow-Z

Bow-Z, the canine and Jasper, the cat were close buddies who always spent time together. So, it does not come as a surprise that Jasper had a tough time when he was separated from Bow-Z for ten days. Of course, once they were reunited, Jasper leaped up on him and could not stop hugging him. The video of the cat hugging the dog was uploaded on YouTube, and has more than six million views!

The strollers

The story of the stroller duo, a hound and a tom cat went viral online, last year. Everyday, the hound would walk up to the fence of the house, where the black-and-white tom cat would be waiting for him. The cat would come down immediately once it spotted the dog from the roof of the building, and the two of them would set off together on a walk.

Cosmo and Afera

A golden retriever- Cosmo and a Russian blue kitten- Afera just cannot get enough of each other's company. You can find the two jumping on each other, tumbling and pawing each other, as they playfully bond.

Hessel and Hannes

A family in the Netherlands has two pets, a Labrador Retriever- Hessel, and a cat- Hannes. The two have been inseparable from the day that they were introduced to each other, for nearly seven years now. When Hannes came in to the house he was a small kitten, and he would follow Hessel everywhere he went. He even ate from Hessel's food bowl and slept on his bed. Hannes would playfully attack Hessel when he is walking past or just sleeping. He even likes to curl up and sleep with the dog, and the pet owners have often found the cat sleeping under the dog, when they thought it had gone missing.Hannes now thinks that he is a canine, so much so that he responds to his name and loves water.

Lost friends

A dog and a cat that had lost their way, were picked up by an animal shelter in Columbia. Heeny the hound and Penny, the cat love spending all their time with each other. The two were under eight months old when they were brought into the shelter. Henny grooms Penny every morning, after which they are let out so they can go and


by themselves Apparently, Henny adopted Penny when she walked into the yard one day, and they have been friends ever since.

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