Five alternatives to declawing that wonโ€™t hurt your cat


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Declawing is now accepted as a cruel and unnecessary practice. This procedure harms your cat. Scratching is any cat's instinctive habit. The animal does not scratch to spite you. For your cat, it is a kind of exercise which assist it to stretch and release its pent-up energy. Scratching is the time your cat can shed loose layers from its claws. For you, scratching can be destructive and expensive as it destroys house furniture. Do not fret if your cat scratches furniture as this problem can be solved without declawing your cat.

Scratching post

Buy an attractive scratching post. Cats love to scratch the most expensive furniture piece if you allow them. Remember, their instinct is to scratch. Your cat will dig its claws into anything they get their paw on. A scratching post present inside the house will redirect your cat's scratching habits towards a better and appropriate place. It is important that buy a scratching post which looks more attractive than your other furniture.

Trim cat's claws

Trim your cat's claws if you own an indoor cat. Felines who live inside houses have no natural enemies and thus have no requirement for sharp claws. Do know how to trim an animal's claw before you start the process. In case you are not confident about your abilities, get the claws trimmed by a veterinarian or by hiring the services of a pet groomer.

Nail caps

You can fit nail caps over the claws of your kitty. A number of companies manufacture such products in a wide range of choices. There will be no scratching marks on your furniture if your cat wears nail caps. Do not be afraid- the nail caps will stop the claw's outer layer from natural shedding. The nail cap will go away when the nail sheds its outer layer. You can shed the nail cap with nail shed. This product is sold in any pet store.

Deter your cat

Another excellent method is to deter your cat. As follows, allow your car to scratch only the scratching post. Introduce your cat to its brand new scratching post and while it investigates the new item, take a tin foil or double-sided tape to cover any undesirable spot. Your cat will feel uncomfortable the next time it tries to scratch the undesirable spot.

Feliway diffusers

You may have noticed that your cat scratches more if it is stressed. If you have two or more cats in your home, each cat will mark its own territory. These are done both visually and also with the scent glands situated in its paws. The Feliway diffusers are synthetic variants of the pheromone cats employ to mark spaces. These make them comfortable and safe. A Feliway diffuser will make your cat happy.

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