Find Ski Resorts and More Where Fido Is Welcome โ€“ FIDO Friendly Knows the Way!

Find Ski Resorts and More Where Fido Is Welcome โ€“ FIDO Friendly Knows the Way!

Nothing says vacation like including Fido in your travel plans. After all, Fido is part of the family and just like any other family member you would not want to leave him home alone.If snow adventure is your cup of kibble, make sure Fido is prepared by bringing along his favorites from home. Experienced travelers will have a doggy duffel bag ready to grab and go with some of the following:

  • Up to date vet records should your pet require boarding or be in need of a vet visit
  • Any medications your pet currently takes
  • Collar and leash with tag displaying cell phone should Fido go missing
  • Food and treats
  • Favorite toys
  • Blankets and bedding (sheets to cover hotel furniture if Fido likes to climb up)
  • Warm weather gear as required

Because pet travel is at an all time high, you will have no problem finding a unique destination for both you and your furry companion. As youโ€™re planning your winter getaways, take a closer look at these hotels and destinations where they roll out the red carpet for Fido:

Vail Cascade

Located at the base of Vail Mountain and along the banks of Gore Creek in Cascade Village, Vail Cascade is easy to get to -- 30 minutes from Eagle County Airport and less than two hours from Denver International Airport. Canines and humans will find plenty to do at this 118-acre resort. Strap on snowshoes with your faithful companion by your side, and experience the trails at the Vail Nordic Center



Double Eagle Resort and Spa

Located in June Lake, California, and 20 miles north of Mammoth Lakes, the Double Eagle Resort and Spa is often referred to as

โ€œThe Switzerland of California.โ€ Fido will be howling with delight as you set out to explore a-la-snowshoe or cross-country ski the 13 acres surrounding the property. You can even plan a return trip for warmer months --swimming in the four lakes around the village is a treat not to be missed. 648-7004

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