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Veterinary medicine has made great advancements over the last decade. There are treatments available for all types of diseases. However, high-quality care for your pets has a steep price tag. Just as how medical care for humans is becoming expensive every day, the cost of treatment for pets is going through the roof. In order to make medical care more affordable, companies are offering pet insurance.Pet insurance covers a myriad of treatments such as surgeries, prescription pet foods, diagnostic tests, supplements, and medications. Right now, only a small number of people have insurance for their pets but it is expected to change over the coming years. Most pet owners are unaware that the following unusual treatments are covered by pet insurance.

  • Hereditary conditionsIn the majority of the cases, pet insurance doesnโ€™t cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), cherry eye, and elbow dysplasia are just a handful of treatments that are covered by pet insurance. However, pets donโ€™t exhibit congenital or hereditary conditions right away. As it is unknown, pet insurance covers hereditary conditions if you enroll for it before the pet shows signs of a disease.
  • Bone marrow and organ transplantsCats have an extremely high success rate when it comes to kidney transplant as unrelated felines can donate to each other. This is because the majority of the cats have the same blood group. However, it can be difficult in the case of dogs as they can only receive kidneys from related donors. Regardless of how difficult or easy organ transplant is, pet insurance covers it so that your buddy can get the best health care.
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem cell therapyStem cells can be harvested and injected into injured ligaments, muscles, and tendons to help in the treatment of major diseases such as arthritis. Even though stem cell therapy is relatively new and expensive, it is covered by pet insurance. As fundings for this treatment is growing rapidly, over the next few years, there will be more advancements in this field.
  • Alternative therapiesAlternative therapies such as acupuncture, cannabis, chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine, raindrop and massage therapy are covered by various companies that offer pet insurance. If the vet believes that coverable conditions can be treated with the above methods, the treatment is eligible for insurance coverage.
  • Pacemaker implantationJust like humans, pets also suffer from heart diseases. In order to help out your buddies that suffer from heart conditions, pacemakers are used. Pet insurance companies have also added pacemaker implantation to its list of treatments that are covered.

Here the top five unusual treatments that are covered by health insurance. If you have any queries, do leave a comment below.

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