Exercising a lazy dog


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Some dogs are the canine equivalent of couch potatoes. All they like to do is to laze around all day. It is important that dogs get exercise. Being understimulated and overweight may lead to multiple health issues. Lazy dogs typically die younger compared to fit canines. Dogs were bred to help humans at one point in the evolution of both species and a laziness is not a desirable trait in the species. Your dog must exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes at least once everyday.

Food dispensing toys

If standard toys does not exercise your dog, then you should utilize food dispensing toys. Even if standard toys bore the canine, a food dispensing toy will invariably perk it up. The most popular food dispensing toy is a rubber Kong. It is a non-toxic and dishwasher safe product with one hollow center. These toys are sold in multiple sizes, from a tiny functional object to a huge one. Stuff the Kong with your dog's favorite food, and watch it play with the product. If your dog sees the Kong for the first time in its life, then you must teach the canine how to play with it. Once the dog is used to the toy and figured out how to get its treats without much hassle, then make it much more difficult for the dog to access the food. Place bigger food sizes, like cheese cubes. It is possible to layer foods inside the Kong like banana over mashed potato.

Hiding kibbles

Another excellent method to make your pooch exercise is to force it to do a kibble hunt. Hide its dry food or kibble in a different spot inside the house when it is playing outside. Encourage the dog to begin its kibble hunt. Begin by making the kibble easy to locate and make the food find incrementally harder. The idea is to make your dog search around the house so that it could remain active. Remember to use dry food. Dogs are messy eaters, and you will find yourself in a dirty home if you put in wet food for the canine to find. If you want to put in wet food, it is expected that you should always be in the house to supervise. Many owners put in dry food inside the kibble before they leave for office. This arrangement ensures the dog remains active all day.

Another way to make your lazy dog an active one is to find it a playmate. Even if your dog is extremely lazy, it will respond to another canine by sniffing and circling it. Introduce your puppy to another puppy in the neighborhood and watch their friendship develop. This arrangement will push your dog to walk, run, and play.

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