Everything You Need to Know About Designer Dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Designer Dogs

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The term โ€œdesigner dogโ€ is used to refer to dogs that are a hybrid of two purebreds. While the term is fairly new, the concept is not. Avid dog breeders have been crossing purebreds for hundreds of years. The only difference is that the early hybrids were meant for work purposes โ€“ to breed better shepherding or hunting dogs, in most cases. The Australian Shepherd is an excellent example, though not the only one.One of the sticking points with hybrids is that they are not officially recognized by breed clubs. This may lead some people to wonder as to why anyone would pay hefty price for a hybrid, but that has done nothing to slow down the burgeoning movement. The kennel club for designer dogs currently recognizes over 500 designer dog breeds, and some of the top breeders take hybrid breeding very seriously.

Breed qualities

Most of the designer dogs in the world today are meant to be companion dogs rather than work mates. They are selectively bred for their temperament, appearance and hypoallergenic qualities. The Labradoodle, one of the most popular designer dog breeds in Australia, originated in the 70s as a working dog. The Labrador was chosen for its superlative guiding abilities and the Poodle was chosen for its trainability, intelligence and low shedding. Together, they made the perfect guide dog for disabled people who were allergic to dander. The Labradoodle has still not been recognized as a pure-breed, but it's only a matter of time before it joins the ranks of other purebreds. The hypoallergenic quality of the Poodle makes it one of the most popular dogs for crossbreeding. It is the progenitor of the Yorkie-Poo, Cocka-Poo, Saint Berdoodle and the Pug-a-Poo.

How to choose a responsible breeder?

Just like tech enthusiasts are willing to hand over all their hard earned cash for the latest gadget in the market, dog lovers are willing to fork over heavy sums for the cutest and the newest puppy breed. However, we highly recommend that you resist the temptation to buy from the first breeder you can find. While ethical breeders take their job very seriously, the high demand in the market has also given rise to a lot of opportunists who are only interested in making money. It takes a lot of dedication to bring a hybrid dog to its full potential.Makes sure that the breeder has given serious thought to the compatibility of both the dog pairs, has proof of both the parents' health, along with test results that rule out genetic disorders like hip dysplasia and eye problems. Lastly, you will be able to find a lot of designer dogs at your local shelter. So, adoption is a viable option as well. You'll help save a life and get a wonderful companion in return.

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